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Police arrest 35-year old man for assaulting Aaron Ramsdale after NLD

A grown-ass man!

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

We have an update on those regrettable scenes after Tottenham Hotspur’s 0-2 loss to Arsenal in the North London Derby on Sunday. You might recall that there was video of an (apparent) Spurs fan attempting to kick Arsenal keeper Aaron Ramsdale after the final whistle.

Now, a report emerged today that says that the Metropolitan Police have made an arrest.

Now, I watched the video of the incident, and while it was difficult from the camera angle and distance to get a good look at the dude who attempted to kick Ramsdale, if you had asked me to bet on it I would’ve bet a lot of money that it was a youngish male idiot, probably early 20s. The person in the video had a shortish, slim build, and honestly the young male demographic is the one that’s much more likely to be engaged in stupid behavior like this.

But this was an actual grown man who apparently thought it would be cool after losing to your rivals to basically scale a barricade and try and kick a professional football player from another team. Unreal.

Tottenham released a statement saying that they would be cooperating fully with the police investigation and would be analyzing internal video to try and identify the person who did it. Well, they were successful and I’m glad they were. What a maroon.