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Holy crap, this Mikey Moore goal for England U17 is absurd


England U17 v Spain U17 - International Friendly Photo by Angel Martinez - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s academy is currently churning out a ton of youth level talent, including a 16 year old attacking midfielder named Mikey Moore. If you’re a Spurs youth watcher you’ve probably already heard the name. If you haven’t, familiarize yourself with him because this kid is amazing.

He’s in the process of tearing up the English U18 youth league and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up playing with the U23s before too long. At age 16. Case in point, Mikey was recently called up to play for England at the U17 level in a friendly against Norway.

And he did this.

I mean, that is just absurd. To have the vision to see the Norway keeper was off his line and then the sheer audacity to try and lob him like that, not to mention the skill to actually pull it off...

Yeah. Absurd.

And if you’re thinking to yourself “hmm I feel like I’ve seen that goal before,” you’re not imagining it. David Bentley was another promising young English player that Spurs paid a lot of money for and while he, uh, didn’t have the best of careers at White Hart Lane, he did have one magical moment — this one, in the 2008 North London Derby.

That goal is one of the touchpoints for my Tottenham Hotspur fandom. And while Moore’s goal came in a meaningless U17 England friendly (thematch ended up a 2-2 draw, which hardly matters) against other literal children, I think that goal is pretty close to Bentley’s.

As I get older and more experienced in this blog I work hard to try not to overhype youth projects because there’s so much development that has to take place for a talented youngster to become a top level professional footballer. That said, it’s also fun and good to point out fantastic moments when they happen. This is one of those. Wow.