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Luton 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs prevail for all three points

Oh Micky you so fine

Luton Town v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

It took longer than expected against the newly promoted side, but Tottenham Hotspur found a way to grab all three points against Luton Town.

Within the first seven minutes of the game, Spurs had three crucial chances that were missed by Richarlison (twice) and Son Heung-min. The slight negative thoughts came to mind of ‘Oh boy here we go again’ on the possibility of losing to Luton.

Able to break the press with ease throughout the game, Spurs final shot sequence could not find the back of the net. Garnering frustration as the scoreline showed 0-0 entering added time, Yves Bissouma picked up his second yellow of the game on a simulation that left Spurs down to 10 men for the second half. (Bissouma returns to four yellow cards as the double yellow will count as the suspension).

Needing to adjust as Pierre-Emile Højbjerg came on, Luton looked to have a similar chance —that Richarlison had two minutes in — early on in the second half with a back post chance that could not come off the lunging foot properly.

Spurs were finally able to break the deadlock on the teams third consecutive corner kick eight minutes into the new half. With Dejan Kulusevski taking the corner from the right flag, James Maddison charged down the goal line for a short pass and the No. 10 maestro worked his magic once more.

Receiving the pass and quickly going one-on-one with a Luton defender, Maddison dropped his shoulder and took a few dribbles down the touchline to suck in the defense. Making a pass towards the middle of the box, Micky van de Ven fired a first-time strike with his left foot past the Hatters’ Thomas Kaminski for the lone goal of the match.

Getting the deciding goal early in the second half, Spurs defense stood strong on numerous occasions to preserve the clean sheet and move to the top of the Premier League for the time being.


  • Missed chances early hurt as the game could have been done and dusted inside 10 minutes
  • James Maddison once again has proven to be the signing of the season as he has averaged an 8.0 or more in 7/8 games
  • Bissouma’s absence is apparent as interceptions and carries on forth aren't as significant
  • 68% possession and a 1.99 xg on the day.
  • Its International Break time and the candles will be lit to wish for no injuries as Spurs look to continue the marvelous start to the season on Oct. 23 against Fulham