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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Friday, November 10

Baby’s first movie!

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Morning everybody! I’m gonna talk about my kids again (at the risk of being this guy):

My eldest daughter (3 and a half) has been going through a bit of a Disney Princess phase lately. She’d never seen any of the movies, but she loves the songs (and singing along and dancing and dressing up) so has become obsessed with a few different film characters as a result (mostly Ana and Elsa from Frozen). She LOVES the song Let It Go - we blame daycare for introducing it to her in some of their music and movement times.

As a result, we’d been wondering if it was time for child #1 to have her first movie viewing experience. It’s probably too early for the movie theater; we’d annoy way too many people there and the scale of the audio-visual experience would be too overwhelming. We did however think that the attention span was probably there to stay engaged for the length of a kid’s film within the comfort of our own home.

The only question remained: which movie? See, a lot of the Disney/Pixar movies are mostly okay for that age range, but with some quite scary / dark scenes included (often involving the murdering of the protagonist’s parents - which isn’t something we were really looking to currently address due to a few current circumstances). Finding Nemo? Terrifying scenes in the depths of the ocean. Moana? Evil fire demon island. Frozen? Giant ice monsters guarding Elsa’s castle, and a dude who tries to murder several main characters. And the list goes on.

Thinking back to my first movies, I only have some vague memories of watching movies at a young age: We’re Back always came to mind, as I LOVED dinosaurs; I also watched a few of the Disney classics, such as Bambi and Beauty and the Beast (though I couldn’t tell you which came first). I do remember though that my first movie-going experience was The Lion King, to which my nana took me.

We ended up settling on Frozen; #1 loved the songs and the characters, and it was probably one of the less dark Disney films. I love the movies, so wanted this to be a special experience (with the above in mind, probably more for me than for her!) so we closed the curtains, set up a pillow fort, got snacks, and sat down to watch together... only for her to get bored after 15 minutes. Kid can watch 2 hours of Bluey non-stop, but apparently a more serious, lengthy narrative was a bit too much. We decided we’d try again in a couple weeks.

Turns out all the thought and planning were for nothing as daycare did a movie day and she had her first full movie experience there! Figures.

Do you remember your first movie-going (or viewing) experience? What was the movie? What do you think would be your first choice to show to current / hypothetical future children?

Matty Flatt’s track of the day: I’m Not Giving Up Tonight, by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

And now for your links:

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