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No, those green kits you’ve seen are not next season’s third kits

But they do have us green with envy

Ajax v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League - Semi Final - Second Leg - Johan Cruijff ArenA Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images

We posted a couple of weeks back about the color scheme of Tottenham Hotspur’s 2024/25 third kits, courtesy of a leak from Footy Headlines. In the last couple of days, it appeared that leak had been further fleshed out with another post from Footy Headlines:

So let’s get one thing out of the way first, before I break down this post in more detail: WOULD.

Seriously, these kits are fire, and outside of the strange badge (Nike always has to add one weird detail, right?) and the upwards Nike swoosh (apparently a thing they are doing next season) these kits look great. They’re totally a strip I could see myself buying (and wearing) and I think could look great on the pitch as a third kit. They’re certainly better than “Taupe Haze”.

That odd badge set off some alarm bells for me though - and as I read the post in more detail as I was writing up the information that nobody would read anyway, I realized that these weren’t leaked kits at all, and the clue is right there on the Twitter post: Leaked kit + prediciton (sic).

That’s right. One of Footy Headlines’ contributors generated their own mockup of what they thought the kits might look like based on the leaked color scheme. That explains the weird badge, as well as how fantastic these kits are (your move, Nike); so it’s a shame that these aren’t real.

What’s more of a shame though is the way this was posted. Footy Headlines are somewhat of a bible for kit leaks. Every season these guys get the inside scoop on upcoming strips and we often have a strong idea of our sartorial choices well before the season starts thanks to their work. And maybe it’s me, but I was initially taken in by the post as they (as far as I’m aware) have only previously posted actual leaks as opposed to mockups that could have been produced by any person handy with Photoshop.

So this is just a little tip from us to you guys: next time a leaked Spurs kit originating with Footy Headlines starts doing the rounds on social media... make sure you give the original article a nice thorough read and don’t just rely on aggregators before you get your hopes and dreams torn asunder, as I did.

And hey - maybe the real Nike kit could be even better! Maybe. But I doubt it.