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DONE DEAL: Spurs confirm new Destiny Udogie contract through 2030


Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

The news broke yesterday, but that doesn’t make the official release any less exciting — Tottenham Hotspur announced the formal extension of Destiny Udogie’s contract today, in a deal that will keep him at Spurs until June of 2030.

Yes, that’s right, 2030. Sure, it’s not 10-year deals like what Chelsea has been throwing around, but this is still pretty dang significant, and the long deal comes after actually seeing Destiny play football. Udogie is now the first Spurs player to have a contract that extends into the next decade (pedants who say the decade doesn’t #actually start until 2031: I hear you, shut up.) A six and a half year deal is fantastic business for a young player who already looks like a star, and his initial signing two seasons ago now looks like it could be one of the best in recent Spurs history.

There’s nothing official about his wages. All we really know is that Udogie’s initial contract had him on pretty stupid low wages (but still higher than he was earning in Italy), and that this extension would be a significant increase. There have been unconfirmed rumors swirling around on social media about £2m/season net. I threw that into a stupid online salary calculator and it came out to about £75k/week gross. That’s probably not accurate and it’s a Twitter rumor, but something around there (or a little higher) sounds right.

Micky van de Ven is signed through 2029, Guglielmo Vicario and Pedro Porro are both signed through 2028, and Cuti Romero has a contract through 2027, meaning Spurs’ starting back line is locked down for the next several years. That feels real good. Now we just have to keep them healthy.