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Sky Germany: Sergio Reguilon is Dortmund’s top January transfer target

This is a real (-ish) source!

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Most of the recent Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumors recently have fallen into the “incoming” category, but there are some outgoing links for this coming January’s window as well. Here’s one that looks plausible: Sky Germany is now reporting that Tottenham left back Sergio Reguilon is now considered the top target for Dortmund when the window opens next month.

Reguilon, of course, is already on loan at Manchester United, but it’s been something of a middling experience. He’s played in ten matches for United in all competitions this season including Champions League, starting seven of them and totaling about 650 minutes of action. He had an injury in September and has only completed 90 minutes once for United thus far. He was signed on deadline day as more or less emergency left back cover after injuries to Luke Shaw and Tyrell Malacia, but Shaw is now healthy and unless something else happens there’s a good chance Reggie will find minutes hard to come by.

He also has a break clause in his loan contract that could see him leave United when the window opens, either to return to Tottenham or to head elsewhere. Sky Germany says that he’s of great interest to Dortmund, though they are initially planning on making an offer for a loan until the end of the season.

So would this be a good move for Reguilon? Probably. Reggie’s loan did not have a purchase option so regardless he’d be coming back to Spurs, and United don’t seem like they’re too keen to make an offer to purchase him fully. It’s not clear whether Dortmund’s loan deal would include an option or obligation to buy, but maybe it would if he does well in Germany? I don’t have particularly strong feelings about this either way, but Spurs would likely get a small fee out of a loan deal and the possibility of an option from Dortmund is better than the 0% chance United would take him off our hands.

At any rate this seems like a decentish source, I like the “top target” part, and I’m all in favor of getting Reguilon out of United by any means necessary, if only for his mental health. Let’s see what happens.