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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, March 10

Introducing Top Chef Tuesdays

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Tottenham Hotspur Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

good morning and happy friday!

The hoddle can be a wonderful place filled with all sorts of rambles, goings on, whimsies and long-form scribble scrabbles.

We’re going to be adding to that rich history with a new segment, if you will: Top Chef Tuesdays.

“Fitzie,” you ask, “This is a Tottenham blog. Why the heck write about Top Chef?”

Because, silly hoddlers you, as I wrote some time ago Top Chef did some filming at Tottenham Hotspur for their latest season.

Let’s be honest. That segment at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be better than most things the club itself has produced at the stadium all season.

Sixteen “cheftestants” are competing in Top Chef Season 20. But these are not ordinary contestants. These are all former champions or finalists. And the stakes are huge.

The show airs on Thursdays in the US, but because I am aware of potential spoilers, will give you all a few days to catch up before I recap. Hence, Top Chef Tuesdays!

There are usually two events per show. First, the “Quickfire Challenge”, where chefs have a short supply of time to come up with a dish on the fly. The winner gets money or an advantage in the next event, the “Elimination Challenge”.

The Elimination Challenge is the big one, where you’ll see the chefs pulling out all the stops for their dishes. Each week at least one chef will be eliminated until one is crowned Top Chef.

For a full list of this season’s cheftestants, check out Bravo’s profile on them here.

I have only seen the American version of the show, so it’s hard to predict a winner. BUT I would say there are very few chefs who were as dominant in their respective seasons as Budha Lo was in Season 19. So, at least for the American chefs, I’ve got him going the furthest.

I’d love to see these other chefs showcased, though. I’m gonna pick Jordanian-born chef Ali Ghzawi (Winner of Top Chef Middle East and North Africa Season 3: Lebanon) as the one I’ll be riding my hopes on.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Closer to Fine, by Indigo Girls

And now for your links:

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Daniel Levy under more pressure than ever before, says The Telegraph

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The Athletic ($$): Morocco set to replace Ukraine in Spain/Portugal joint bid for 2030 World Cup