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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, March 21

Top Chef Episode 2 recap: The rice ends here

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Tottenham Hotspur Women Training Session Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

** Apologies for the delay on this one! Fitzie published this without making it appear on the front page. But it’s here now! **

Welcome everyone, to another Top Chef Tuesday! Today we recap Episode 2: Rice Rice Baby.

We’re almost at the point in the competition where we can figure out where these cheftestants stand. But two episodes for now is too early.

Was there a Tottenham Hotspur Stadium sighting? No. But we were close! This episode’s elimination challenge took place at Alexandra Palace, which isn’t that far away from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at all.

Alexandra Palace is also host to dart competitions. Danny Rose loves himself some darts there. Remember this?

Anyways, on to the challenges.

Quickfire: Our first brand-inserted challenge is brought to you by Ritz crackers. Our cheftestants were asked to make an amuse bouche that would serve on this treat.

But these 15 chefs were placed in groups of three, competing against each other and incorporating an ingredient chosen by each other into their amuse bouche.

Some of these combinations seemed challenging but at the end of the day it was Thailand’s chef May that won with her kumquat jam with hibiscus juice and yeast extract. Yum! She wins immunity and $10,000.

Elimination: This one’s a tough one. No ingredient has tripped up chefs in 19 seasons of this show quite like rice. And for Dawn, it will be the rice that sends her home this episode.

Our chefs are tasked with creating a rice-forward dish for 100 people at Alexandra Palace, just a short commute away from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

For many of these chefs, rice is a central part of their cultural heritages. For others, it’s hard to come across.

“There’s not a single rich dish in the whole of bloody Germany, man,” a bewildered Tom says. But he does just fine with his lamb biryani.

And Sylwia, who hails from Poland, says she’s more of a potato girl. Same, except I’m a potato boy.

Some chefs rose to the occassion, like Begona who again impressed the judges again, and Sara whose crispy rice cracker was a crowd pleaser.

But it was Ali whose lamb ouzi with toasted nuts and minted cucumber, who came out on top in the challenge. That makes it two MENA chefs who’ve won the first two challenges.

Meanwhile, Dawn just didn’t seem cut out for this kind of competition. At least not this heightened competition. She had a hard time with her black venus rice, and that left her kongee much to be desired. Her knives are packed and gone - but she can still come back through Last Chance Kitchen!

Fitzie’s track of the day: Honey, by The Lone Bellow

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