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Nagelsmann officially out at Bayern, Spurs “want to hold talks”


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FC Bayern München v Paris Saint-Germain: Round of 16 Second Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Life comes at you fast. Bayern Munich just officially announced that it has parted ways with now-former manager Julian Nagelsmann, and installed former Chelsea (and once-prospective Tottenham Hotspur manager) Thomas Tuchel as its new boss.

What does that mean for Spurs? Well, potentially a LOT. There are several reports out right now, including Matt Law in the Telegraph and Sami Mokbel in the Daily Mail that are reporting that Tottenham “want to hold talks” with the ousted German manager.

Circle back to two years ago when Spurs were seeking a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino: Nagelsmann, then the new hotness at Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, was highly regarded and desired by Tottenham’s leadership. There was even suggestions that initial talks were held. Mokbel goes as far as to say that Nagelsmann had a soft spot for Spurs; Law says that Nagelsmann “owned a Spurs shirt” (lol).

Now, what does this mean? Not a whole lot, at least initially. The fact that Spurs “want to talk to” Nagelsmann isn’t itself particularly newsworthy — of course they do — but it does point to the reassuring notion that Spurs are not sitting comfortably on their laurels here. It suggests that Daniel Levy (and Fabio Paratici too, I guess) are aware of the magnitude of this next appointment and are willing to swing for the fences, even if they haven’t formally ditched their old head coach yet.

Now, the fact that they want to talk to Nagelsmann doesn’t mean that they will, or that Nagelsmann is interested. But honestly, he should be — Tottenham are still one of the ten richest clubs in world football, and if he does come he’ll have (some) resources and a lot of leeway with supporters. And if he wins something? Whoo baby, instant legend status.

We’re a long way from Julian Nagelsmann in a soft-focus video telling us how he’s gonna make us proud, but as a first step? This is pretty positive.

I guess I know which DLIS I’m going to be writing next, huh? Stay the fuck away, Real Madrid.