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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, March 7

A sick HIC

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

good morning all

Your HIC has been under the weather for the past few days. Fun has not been had.

I have to admit to being a stubborn person whilst sick. I like to pretend that I’m not sick and still do my best to exercise (solitary, of course, no gym for me). Sometimes it works out. Sometimes, like on Saturday, I can’t even manage a mile before I have to force myself to stop.

Anyways, my kitchen has smelled like some kind of soup (chicken) or stew (eggplant, beef) for the past four days, and I’m kind of sick of it. Guess what? Stew is on the menu for dinner tonight, too!

I did a rare thing on Saturday and not only slept in, but also had pancakes for breakfast. It was the first time since October I’ve allowed myself to enjoy that luxury and i have to say it’s so much more enjoyable than oatmeal. My one-mile run after the pancakes were less enjoyable.

Perhaps the worst part of being sick (mostly a head cold for those curious) was that I could not go to the Kennedy Center on Saturday. But there was a small consolation: a live audio simulcast of Bobby Weir in Nebraska.

Any day to listen to Bob Weir is a good day, am I right ??

My perspective on how to live whilst sick has changed dramatically in the last two years. I grew up in an Irish Catholic household where my parents told me I always had to attend school unless I had a fever or was vomiting or on my deathbed. In fact, I hadn’t taken a sick day since 2017.

But we learn a lot in the last couple of years, including how to properly take care of ourselves! So Monday was a rare sick day for fitzie.

And now we try to get some sleep early. Til tomorrow, hoddlers.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Cassidy (10/31/80), by The Grateful Dead

And now for your links:

The Athletic ($$): Why Matt Doherty’s future is still uncertain despite his Atletico debut

Toby Alderweireld retires from international football

The four priorities for Antonio Conte ahead of Tottenham’s match versus AC Milan

‘FIFA 23’ to add 12 NWSL clubs in next update

David Moyes reportedly facing discontent in dressing room