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Kane “open to seeing out his contract” at Tottenham

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Southampton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Harry Kane is not currently involved in any contract extension negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur and “is open to seeing out his Tottenham deal” at Spurs which expires in the summer of 2024. That’s the latest from Mike McGrath writing for the Telegraph today.

It’s not surprising, of course. Kane has been in on-again-off-again contract negotiations over the past couple of seasons as Spurs have lurched from Mauricio Pochettino to Jose Mourinho to Antonio Conte. But with the very real prospects of another squad overhaul on the horizon and diminishing odds that Spurs will win silverware of any kind, much less a Premier League title, Kane is reportedly considering all his options including winding down his deal and leaving Spurs on a free transfer next summer.

Kane said that he, along with the rest of Spurs’ recently-revealed Player’s Committee, had a meeting with chairman Daniel Levy, and while he didn’t reveal details of what was discussed he described it as an “honest conversation.” The Players’ Committee includes Kane, Hugo Lloris, Eric Dier, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

“I think it was important for [Levy] to understand where the players’ heads were at that moment. It was an honest conversation of where everyone is at and what we need to try to do to give us the best possible chance to finish the season with something.

“We’re still fighting for fourth place but if it’s not fourth, we’ll try to finish fifth or sixth - as high up as we can. In this league, it’s so competitive, you can easily end up eighth or ninth if you’re not careful. That’s what it was - to give us the best chance and I’m glad we reacted like that.

“I heard what [United fans] were saying but I’m just focused on this team and trying to finish strongly.”

Kane was referring to the visiting United fans who serenaded him with “We’ll see you in June” chants during yesterday’s 2-2 draw at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

I don’t think any Spurs fans should be particularly surprised that Kane is keeping all his options open. In fact, I think the most likely scenario is that he leaves the club one way or another, either by a sale to another club this summer, or on a Bosman at age 31. There have been reports that United were ready to make overtures for a summer bid for Kane when the transfer window opens, but Levy is clearly not going to make it easy on them, and the line out of Spurs’ camp at present is that they have no intention of sanctioning a deal. That may or may not be (or remain) true, but it’s the line they’re going with at the moment.

At some point Spurs are going to HAVE to figure out what they’re going to do in a post-Harry Kane era, but this latest run of results and the prospects of another protracted and possibly painful rebuild no doubt is keeping that scenario in the forefront of Levy’s mind.