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Brace yourself. The Kane rumors are back.

Get ready for another long, interminable summer of will-he-or-won’t-he.


Get ready for a long, interminable summer of Harry-Kane-Is-Leaving-Tottenham-Hotspur rumors, everyone. It’s been a bit of a fallow period in that area since that fever dream of an offseason a couple years ago when Kane went golfing with Gary Neville and Charlie put a motorcycle in his home office. But there’s nothing quite like a disappointing Spurs season, an aimless and managerless club, and an expiring contract to crank that rumor dial back up to 11.

You’re going to read a lot of rumors about Harry Kane over the next few months. Here’s a sampling of some I’ve seen over the past week:

  1. Kane is the top target for Erik ten Haag and Manchester United
  2. Mauricio Pochettino is interested in reuniting with him at Chelsea
  3. Real Madrid want to pair him with Vinicius Jr.
  4. PSG are monitoring his situation ahead of a potential bid
  5. Kane has already informed Daniel Levy that he wants to be sold with the first good offer that comes in
  6. Kane wants to stay at Spurs but is waiting to see what direction the club is going to take in the short to medium term
  7. It’s more likely than not that Kane will stay at Spurs and leave on a free transfer next summer

Some of them might be true. Most of them are un- or poorly-sourced garbage. But because we have standards at this website, I’m just going to come out and say it: we probably aren’t going to cover them.

Because the truth is — the only one right now who knows what Harry Kane is going to to do is Harry Kane, and he’s not saying anything. There are so many variables and factors that are going to come into play with regards to Kane’s future that covering every little nugget of speculation is unlikely to do anyone any favors, least of all those of us (likely me) who would need to write the damn articles. Also, I’m starting to run out of Kane-falling-over photos, they’re a limited resource and must be used responsibly from here on.

But there will be stories from mostly reliable outlets and we’ll keep you abreast of those when it seems appropriate. And when there actually IS news about Kane’s intentions as well as the club’s intentions about his future, we’ll be here to let you know.

Until then, be courageous, have hope, and don’t believe anything you read. Even when we write it.