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Ange Postecoglou isn’t speaking about Spurs job, as expected

There are new quotes from Big Ange, but they’re exactly what you think they are.

Celtic FC Media Access Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images

You might have heard, but Ange Postecoglou is almost certainly among the favorites, if not the favorite, to be offered the position of head coach at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. But don’t try asking him about it, because he’s laser-focused on winning the treble with Celtic this weekend.

That didn’t stop football journalists from trying, though. When asked about the potential to leave Celtic at the end of their season for North London, Big Ange didn’t give anything away... as well he shouldn’t.

“This time last week it was a different story. It was somebody else linked. That’s just the way it works. Whether it carries weight or not, what is important to know is that it makes no difference to me. It makes no difference to the way I behave or think or prepare. I didn’t wake up this morning thinking about anything other than getting training right and making sure we are ready for Saturday.

“There are a million things to think about after Saturday, including the holiday I am going to have. To look beyond that, I just can’t do. I can’t see anything past the game, because that’s what I have always done.

“I’m so determined to try to deliver on Saturday. I’m all in here. The support I’ve had is unbelievable, throughout the whole club and how the supporters have embraced me. You can’t be all in if you are thinking about something else. It just doesn’t work like that.”

This is exactly the answer I would’ve expected from Postecoglu, because to say anything else would be disrespectful to his current team which still has a cup final to win. Now your interpretation of these comments and where to read between the lines can function as a Rorschach test of your fandom (choose hope!), but if thing really are happening behind the scenes, I think it’s likely we’re going to know one way or another what’s going to happen with Big Ange by next week.

In the meantime, Saturday’s Scottish Cup final against Inverness is an excellent opportunity to watch a Postecoglu side play. The match kicks off at 12:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm BST, is televised on BBC One, and will be streamed on ESPN+ in the States.