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Son Heung-Min not interested in Saudi Arabia move

More good news?

Tottenham Hotspur v Brentford FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Here’s a dopamine hit to pacify your lizard brain: the Evening Standard is reporting that Son Heung-Min has no interest in a potential move to Saudi Arabia.

Dan “Dank P” Kilpatrick (hi Dan!) writes that he is “reluctant” to consider a move to the Saudi Pro League after news emerged late yesterday that he was the subject of a potential £51m bid from al-Ittihad, with a wage package of nearly £500k/wk. As we discussed yesterday, that (currently hypothetical) bid is a lot of money for a pace-dependent Sonny who’s now on the wrong side of 30, and it’s led to a lot of soul-searching from Spurs fans like me who love him dearly but are also pragmatic in the face of a much-needed Tottenham Hotspur rebuild.

But maybe we don’t need to consider life without Sonny, at least not yet. Several statements from both English and Korean reporters on social media have suggested that Sonny is very happy in London and in the Premier League, and isn’t interested in a huge payday at this point in his career.

I get it. I mean, I’m certainly not in a hurry to sell Sonny, who has broad marketing appeal in the Asian market in addition to being one of the nicest and most popular guys in English football. But I’ll reiterate we DO need to think about a post-Sonny Spurs. And this might not be over — the Saudi bid is, some would say, low, and who knows if they’ll continue down this path and submit something that Daniel Levy might have to think about.

And now we have actual quotes from the man himself, who about the Saudi rumors basically said — naaah.

So for now, my lizard brain is napping again. Fitfully, for sure — but asleep.