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REPORT: Spurs reach €20m verbal agreement with Empoli for Guglielmo Vicario

Well, that escalated quickly!

Hellas Verona v Empoli FC - Serie A Photo by Timothy Rogers/Getty Images

Huh, so maybe Spurs really ARE moving on to new goalkeeper targets. According to our good buddy Giancluca Di Marzio, Tottenham have reached a verbal agreement with Serie A side Empoli for the €20m transfer of Guglielmo Vicario.

Yeah so remember how just a few hours ago I talked about Vicario and how he’s kind of an unknown but the stats seem to indicate he could be a quality player at a garbage team? It seems Tottenham Hotspur’s newly-employed stats nerds agree. As does our good friend Joel Wertheimer!

It also seems to suggest that Spurs really have pulled the plug on the David Raya negotiations and are heading back to Italy for their next keeper. Vicario is 26, the eye test suggests that he might be pretty good! But the caveat is that publicly available advanced goalkeeping statistics are pretty unreliable, so we’re mostly going on vibes and blind faith that Spurs have identified a gem. Take THAT, Brentford!

Also, Vicario did this in a Serie A match against Roma, and like... wow.

Assuming these rumors are true, the crux of it all is this: Spurs are potentially getting a keeper under the age of 30 who quite possibly is either a lot better than the team he was on or has huge upside and who can grow into the role. And Spurs aren’t breaking the bank — £17.2m is pretty cheap for what could be a real sleeper keeper.

My brain wanted David Raya for the homegrown and my heart wanted Giorgi Mamardashvili for the dreams, but I’m starting to like the idea of Guglielmo Vicario for the vibes. The only question is — how do you pronounce his name? (Carty Free Slack has already nicknamed him “Googly-Elmo.”)