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Harry Kane reportedy “top target” for Bayern Munich this summer

The German giants think they might score Kane for less than €100m. We’ll see about that.

AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Remember the halcyon days of last week when everyone thought that Harry Kane was no longer a transfer target this summer because Daniel Levy put Real Madrid off by demanding too high of a fee?

Hahahaha. Oh you sweet summer child. Today, here’s Sky Sports Germany football journalist Florian Plettenberg to tell us that, contrary to previous reports, Kane is now the “top target” for Bayern Munich.

So I think we can safely assume that “got the signal from Kane” = Charlie, who is likely still answering calls from any club who could realistically offer something close to Harry’s transfer value. This is unsurprising and even makes sense. Bayern wanting Harry Kane in Germany is also unsurprising and makes sense. None of this is unusual or unexpected considering what we know heading into this summer.

Plettenberg is about as solid a source for German football as you can get, so I think we can probably safely assume that there is actual interest from Munich in Kane. Therefore, once again it comes down to Daniel Levy and whether Bayern is willing to make a significant offer that would tempt Spurs into selling. And that’s really where the rubber hits the road. Thus far, Levy has rebuffed all attempts to sell Kane even though you can make a very good case that this is a good time and maybe even a good idea. (Before you angrily @ me, yes you can also make a good case that this is NOT the time and it’s NOT a good idea). And until we see actual evidence that he’s willing to consider selling Kane, it’s probably a fool’s errand to believe that he might really do it.

So Bayern Munich is interested in a big-money move to sign Harry Kane? Cool! Now go convince Levy, or none of this matters.