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REPORT: Harry Winks is now a Leicester City transfer target

The clubs are apparently in talks for a transfer that is completely separate from the James Maddison deal.

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Harry Winks of UC Sampdoria reacts during the Serie A... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Apart from, well, Harry Kane, we haven’t heard a whole lot of news with regards to Tottenham Hotspur’s raft of outgoing players. There are a LOT of them that need to go, but basically a whole month with which to conduct business.

So it is with interest that I note this new article in the Telegraph that states Harry Winks is a transfer target for newly-relegated Leicester City as they attempt to retool for a Championship promotion run under new manager Enzo Maresca. The article states that the clubs are in negotiations over the permanent transfer of Winks, who is a capped England international, but that the deal is in no way connected to the ongoing negotiations for James Maddison.

Winks is clearly an odd man out in this Tottenham side, and has been for some time. While I appreciate that he’s a Tottenham academy product and that means something, I think we should also all appreciate that he has... not been very good for us during his professional tenure. He spent last season on loan at Sampdoria where he was injured for about half the season, and at this point I think it’s worth selling him to whatever club is interested in him and for whatever we can get. The article doesn’t state what that price would be, so it’s anybody’s guess. £10m? £5? Who knows!

Jokes about “Winks finding his level” aside, I think Winks would boss the Championship next season and probably would go a long way towards getting Leicester back into the Premier League next season. There doesn’t seem to be much of a market for him otherwise, so if he wants to play football (and we know he does) then this is probably a good move for both him and the club.

More to come on this, I’m sure.