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Report: Tottenham interested in United’s Harry Maguire

This only makes sense if it’s Kane-bait.

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“I’m the only one who can keep Kane at Tottenham, y’know.”
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Tottenham Hotspur have a new head coach. That means the transfer speculation floodgates are opening and nothing is off-limits! Take this rumor: Matt Law, writing in the Independent, suggests that Spurs are interested in a summer move for Manchester United’s captain and supporter whipping boy Harry Maguire.

No, really!

lol... lmao

I don’t have to tell you why I chortled when I first saw these reports. Maguire has caught holy hell from fans of both United and England for what has been viewed as disappointing performances for club and country. I think it’s safe to say that he’s basically United’s Eric Dier — England native, central defender, gets a ton of stick, the whole nine hards. Not only that but Maguire is 30 years old now and is currently on £237k/wk in wages at United. It just doesn’t make sense.

Or does it? Because Law goes on to say that Spurs’ hypothetical interest in Maguire may have as much to do with Harry Kane as with adding an experienced homegrown England international to the side. Kane has reportedly recommended Maguire to the Spurs coaching staff as a potential defensive reinforcement in past seasons, and the supposition is that signing his buddy and fellow Harry might help entice him to sign a new contract. While Maguire’s wages are ridiculous, United are I guess keen to get rid of him however they can, so the transfer fee could be low...ish.

Now, do I think that Maguire gets way too much stick for his time at United and he’s a lot better than he’s given credit for? Yes. Do I think a change of scenery and tactical system could do him some good and possibly lead to improved performances? Also yes. Do I still think this is a really stupid idea that we probably shouldn’t be considering? Also also yes.

Any hypothetical move for Maguire obviously would need to be okayed by Ange Postecoglou and at this point we have absolutely no idea if this is of any interest to him or not. So I’m filing this particular rumor under “possible, but really stupid” and leave it at that.

God, I’ve missed bat country. Welcome back, old friend.