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REPORT: Harry Kane could be offered £400k/wk to stay at Spurs

Seems about right!

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Ready for some rank speculation about Harry Kane from a journalist nobody really trusts that nonetheless feels plausible? It’s our old buddy Matt Law, writing in the Telegraph that Spurs could offer Kane as much as £400k/wk in wages to entice him to stay at Tottenham Hotspur and sign a new contract.

That’s a lot of money. Footballer salaries are rarely fully reported so it’s not entirely clear how to put this in context, but according to the usually-not-reliable website Sportrac, £400k/wk would put Kane right up there at the top of the Premier League’s wage earners along with Kevin DeBruyne who is also at £400k/wk. That’s more than Erling Haaland or Mohamed Salah makes (again, assuming this is accurate).

Keep in mind Law is reporting this as the top end of the wage range; it’s not clear what exactly is on the table for Harry (or even if any of this is accurate). But yeah, this feels plausible to me. Kane isn’t being paid currently nearly what he’s worth, especially when compared to other top players in the league. Daniel Levy also wants him to stay and Spurs are a rich club, so £400k/wk doesn’t seem unreasonable. Put it another way, that salary comes out to £20.8m for a year of his services, which doesn’t feel crazy if the end result is he stays and retires a Tottenham player. It’s certainly more than they’ve offered anyone else, but he’s Harry Kane.

Law writes that Kane is said to have an “open mind” about Ange Postecoglou and the new project he’s starting at Spurs this season. That’s neat. I’m not sure how much I believe it based on all the reporting coming out of Munich right now. Postecoglou, meanwhile, has implied that he’d like to keep Kane, but that the project will go on with or without him, so he’s not too bothered by this standoff.

It’s Matt Law, I know, I know. But honestly, this feels pretty plausible to me, doesn’t it? Gonna be interesting to see what kind of news filters out of North London tomorrow after Kane returns.