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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Wednesday, July 12

What would you talk to Postecoglou about?

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good morning —-

It’s been reported for about a week now that Harry Kane was set to speak with Ange Postecoglou today.

On the agenda? One would have to assume Kane’s future with the club. Now, can a single discussion with a new manager really make the difference in whether or not a club’s star player decides to stay or go? We’ll find out soon! Maybe even by the end of today.

But not all conversations have to be so consequential. And one wouldn’t think so with Postecoglou either, despite stories of his distaste for small talk.

So why not imagine a scenario in which we have a one-on-one with Postecoglou.

Only for this excercise we aren’t star footballers. Or footballers at all. Nor are we employed by Tottenham Hotspur. But if you want to be employed by Tottenham Hotspur, go ahead.

For my dream scenario I imagine I’m having a coffee with him. Kinda like a “Tottenham Hotspur Managers in Cars Getting Coffee” sort of vibe. I’d pick Postecoglou up from his home in a dune buggy and then take him to some random coffee place.

What would be our agenda for conversation? Considering he doesn’t like small talk, I’d get straight into his biggest fears. What keeps Postecoglou awake at night? What’s the big man afraid of?

And I, of course, would be obliged to spill my fears. Which isn’t the sort of conversation to have after you pick up someone in a dune buggy and then take them to a coffee house.

Well, this hoddle got a bit off track. But you get the gist. Kane and Postecoglou are supposed to talk today. Let’s see what happens.

Fitzie’s track of the day: How to disappear, by Lana Del Rey

And now for your links:

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