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Five weird things we noticed in Harry Kane’s “Hot Ones” video

Harry Kane + hot wings

We’ve been looking forward to this video all week. Harry Edward Kane, MBE, did something today that was completely unexpected to what we’ve come to expect from him over his long Tottenham Hotspur career: he talked about himself while eating spicy hot wings.

Kane was invited to be on Hot Ones, a YouTube video series from the First We Feast channel where celebrities and famous people are interviewed while eating chicken wings drenched in progressively hotter and hotter sauce. It’s a cool (if you’ll pardon the pun) concept; I guess the theory is that interviewees might give better or more interesting answers while under the influence of massive amounts of capsaicin?

Anyway, it’s a very interesting choice of interview format for Kane, who isn’t exactly known for his “spicy” personality if you know what I mean. He’s spent a lot of time cultivating a brand that’s, well, a lot close to the glass of milk that he sips from occasionally during the show than anything on the plate or in the bottles in front of him.

All that aside, Harry did really well! He certainly did a lot better than I, a notorious spice wimp, would do in that situation. You could certainly see the sheen of sweat on his forehead as the interview went on. That said, there were a few weird things we noticed while watching the video. Did you notice any of them too?

Didn’t mention Tottenham Hotspur by name until 16 minutes into the video

The first oblique reference to Tottenham was after the second (curry-like) wing where he talks about being at “the club I’m at now” since the age of 11. He talked a lot about England, but the words “Tottenham” don’t come out of his mouth until much much later... though to be fair he mentioned Spurs’ “He’s one of our own” chant as his favorite. I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from something so seemingly innocuous, but it was almost like Kane was working hard to try and minimize the fact that he’s a Tottenham Hotspur player. I wonder why that is?

All of his clothes were adidas branded

I thought Kane was a Nike guy. Strange that he’d deck himself out in the three stripes so much, it was definitely noticeable.

Asked Sean Evans if he would get to try Crazy Bastard sauce

I never pegged Harry as a hot sauce aficionado, so it perked my ears up to hear him request a specific (and regional) sauce brand. Can you even get Crazy Bastard hot sauce in the UK? I wonder where he was exposed to it and why he was so keen.

Kept requesting sauerkraut with his wings

That was really interesting! I had never considered the idea that sauerkraut could be an effective way of cooling the tongue after eating spicy things. I would’ve just asked for more milk. I guess I’ll have to try this!

Frequently brought up his great love for Bavaria despite the host never once asking him about it


Did you notice anything else in Harry’s Hot Ones interview? Put them in the comments!