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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Wednesday, July 19

Too hot to hoddle

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France v Italy - International Friendly match

good morning!

I’m not sure about you fine folks, but it’s just too darn hot here in Washington.

I know there are fellow DC residents (and Arlington residents, how could I ever forget you), so I’d love to hear what they think.

But I’m sick of this weather. It’s hot. It’s humid. The air is still hazy from the smoke. And when it isn’t hazy it’s raining. And still hot.

I was born and raised in California, and I know what hot summers are like. Heck - I used to run in even more sweltering temperatures.

But this, this summer feels like the worst one I’ve experienced.

Your hoddler-in-chief has recently taken up drinking iced coffee, such is his state. Before this summer I went at least a good 24 months without sipping and iced coffee.

This last week I’ve had FOUR. Egad!

My commiserations to all you battling the terrible weather out there. Stay safe. Stay hydrated.

Fitzie’s track of the day: For All We Know, by Ahmad Jamal

And now for your links:

The Athletic ($$): Destiny Udogie eases fears over left-back role

Bayern Munich beat local side 27-0 in pre-season match

Marcus Rashford signs new five-year contract with Manchester United