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Bayern bosses to meet with Tottenham’s Daniel Levy Monday over Kane sale

Is it happening?

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AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur: Round of 16 Leg One - UEFA Champions League Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The rumors that are linking Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane with a transfer to Bayern Munich are hotting up significantly now that Spurs have returned from their preseason tour to Asia and Australia. It’s not that they ever went away, but there now seems to be a sense of inevitability in the air over Kane’s future — it appears pretty clear he has no intention of signing a new Tottenham contract this summer, and it appears more and more likely that he’ll be playing for a new club this fall.

Take this from Fabrizio Romano, who is basically aggregating a whole bunch of anterior sources. Fab says that Bayern bosses, including Jan-Christian Dreesen, are flying out to London today to begin direct talks with Daniel Levy, and they plan to increase their previous offer.

[Update (9:20 a.m.) — that Friday meeting has been postponed, with Matt Law writing in the Telegraph that Bayern officials will fly out to meet with Levy on this coming Monday]

The Times of London, meanwhile, go a bit further, saying Bayern are prepared to offer €100m (£85m) as a BASE, meaning it could potentially go higher with performance-based escalators.

Here’s what I think. I think if Bayern are leaking €85m as a starting bid, it means they’re willing to go higher. How much higher remains to be seen, and I certainly don’t think that Levy is going to make it easy, but I do feel as though this kind of bid is a Rubicon. If Bayern are (finally) willing to go this high, it’s just a matter of horse trading the final number. Levy will probably end up going down slightly from his stated valuation, Bayern will likely continue to inch up.

But I think this is probably the beginning of the end for Harry Kane as a Tottenham Hotspur player.