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Still no agreement between Bayern and Tottenham for Harry Kane

Neppe and Dreesen are returning to Munich empty handed.

England v France: Quarter-Finals - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Simon Bruty/Anychance/Getty Images

OK, so I won’t belabor this — Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy met with his Bayern Munich counterparts Jan-Christian Dreesen and Marco Neppe today in London in what’s been billed as EPIC SHOWDOWN TALKS for the potential transfer of Harry Kane.

Guess what happened? Not much! Dreesen and Neppe returned to Munich this afternoon with no agreement in place, though apparently the sides are now a “mere” £20m... at least... apart in valuation. Talks will continue.

That sound you hear is Florian Plettenberg, one of the biggest Kane-to-Bayern cheerleaders in the German media, moving the goalposts with that tweet. Notably Plettenberg tries to reposition the narrative such that coming home without Kane in the cargo hold of their private jet was always part of the plan. And if we’re charitable, that might actually be the case... I just find it funny.

The £20m+ valuation difference comes from Sky Sports’ Paul Gilmore, who mentioned that tidbit on air, along with suggesting that Spurs are insisting on a buy-back clause in any permanent transfer.

I probably should’ve seen this coming. The suggestions heading into today’s meeting were that Bayern were set to make an improved offer “near €100m (£86m).” Clearly that wasn’t enough. We don’t actually know what Daniel Levy’s price is, but considering they’re at least £20m (€23.5m) short, it’s pretty clear Bayern never got close to it.

Please end this soon. I don’t know how much more of it I can take.