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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Thursday, August 10

The best away kits - and the worst!

Spain v France - UEFA Nations League Final Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

good morning - Robbie Robertson’s death is so sad. The Band’s music is enduring.


Yesterday we checked out some of the best (and worst!) home kits this league has to offer. Today we take a trip to discover some of the best (and worst!) away kits.

These rankings are incomplete, yes, because Tottenham are still yet to reveal theirs. I reckon they won’t be released until the day they actually play a match wearing the away strip.

Anyways - here you go.

Best away kits 2023-24:

  1. Burnley:

What’s this? TWO best kits from Burnley this year? Vincent Kompany’s side play with style, and they dress in style. I happen to like this much, much more than their solid home kid. Particularly that fading three-strip vertical. Looks so good. You all know I’m a sucker for that.

2. West Ham

I don’t like giving West Ham any sort of praise more than any of you fine folks do, but I have to give credit here. Their away kit looks really sharp. But we all know us Spurs fans are partial to a clean, white kit.

Good news is, I reckon Spurs will be wearing the white strip when they beat West Ham at home and away this season.

3. Crystal Palace

Wee Woo Wee Woo!! Someone call the fire department because this is H.O.T. HOT HOT HOT.

Love the sash. Love the colour of the sash. I love the sponsor logo colour. It reminds me of the wildberry PopTarts. Sure, it’s no strawberry or cinammon, but that was a classic flavour. And remains one.

Speaking of classics - THIS is a classic. I love everything about it.

Worst away kits 2023-23:

  1. Liverpool:

If the Matrix were actually Microsoft Vista. Nothing here works. The green is hideous. The quadrants feel uneven. Is the badge usually black?

The green and white looks really bad. When i was compiling my ‘worst of’ kits, this shot up to the top of the list.

2. Arsenal

This is what a PopTart should never look like: bright neon-yellow/green with uneven black piping. Plus some tealish colouring.

This is a real stinker. Expect nothing less.

Fitzie’s track of the day: I Shall Be Released, by The Band (with Bob Dylan)

And now for your links:

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