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BREAKING: Tottenham trying to renegotiate Kane deal because why the hell not


Tottenham Hotspur v Lion City Sailors - Preseason Friendly Photo by Playmaker/MB Media/Getty Images

So after all the toing and froing throughout the summer it finally seemed like Kane was on his way in a lucrative transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Bayern Munich.

Enter Daniel Levy, stage left.


Yep. So Florian Plettenberg, who has REALLY endeared himself to Spurs fans throughout this Spurs saga (and now backed up by Fabrizio Romano and others) is reporting that Harry Kane was about to get on the plane to do his medical and sign his new contract when the Spurs leadership asked him not to fly.

The reasoning? Apparently there are some “details” that Daniel Levy wishes to get ironed out. I’m not sure if that’s a euphemism for anything at this point as I’m quickly losing my mind but this is just another loop-the-loop on this crazy rollercoaster that is the Harry Kane transfer saga. We’re not sure what these details are, or if Bayern are likely to accede, or if this is just Levy dick swinging, or if he’s had a change of heart and is intentionally trying to torpedo the deal.

We just know one thing: this deal hurts. And if it goes ahead, Levy wants to make sure it hurts Bayern Munich.

UPDATE (5 am Eastern Time):

A bunch of sources on the Spurs side of things including the BBC, Alastair Gold, and others, are now saying Kane has permission to fly. I guess that means things are done? I’m tired.