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Tottenham release new third kits, will debut them vs. Fulham in Carabao Cup

But what color IS it?

We’ve known this was coming for months now thanks to regular kit release leaks on the internet dot com, but Tottenham Hotspur have finally done it — they’re releasing the club’s third kits, which they will debut on the pitch tonight in the Carabao Cup match against Fulham.

Yeah. So that color is a CHOICE. We’ve debated what that color actually is — is it beige? Taupe? Pinkish? Rose biscuit? Reddish-tan? Depending on the photos there’s definitely some salmon in there, but in other photos it just looks straight brown. It’s almost like the infamous black/blue - gold/white Meme Dress from a couple of years ago and we’re almost certainly not going to settle it here. But it’s fun to discuss!

Color aside, as far as kits go — it’s fine. Perfectly average. In a lot of ways it’s just the home kit that got mixed in with your colored clothes on the hot washing cycle.

Spurs have typically used third kits as away/change kits in Europe, but since we have no Europe I suspect it’ll be our away kits in the Cups this season. That means we might not see it very often unless we go deep into the Carabao and FA Cups and/or get especially unlucky in our draws. Maybe that’s okay? I’m still kinda squinting at that color, y’all.

The kits officially go on sale in the club shop this Friday. Tell me what you think in the comments. You buyin’ one?