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Full agreement for Sergio Reguilon loan to Manchester United

Here we go!

Tottenham Hotspur v Lion City Sailors - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lionel Ng/Getty Images

Another one out the door! Almost! For now! Temporarily! Fabrizio Romano is now tweeting that full agreement has been reached for the season long loan of Tottenham Hotspur left back Sergio Reguilon to Manchester United.

The loan is ostensibly for the season, but there is a built-in break clause that United can trigger in January if they wish to terminate the loan early.

I know people aren’t thrilled with the idea of sending one of our players to a Premier League rival, especially in a deal that’s basically kicking the can down the road until January, but considering there was practically no other solid interest in Reggie from any other club and United are kind of desperate for left back cover, I consider this a (mitigated) win.

Think of it this way — yes, if he does well at United then it could potentially hurt Tottenham’s chances for top four. But I’d counter this in two ways — first, if we’re competing for top four then we’re already having a good season beyond most of our expectations; second, the scenarios in which this loan could dramatically hurt the club is pretty vanishingly small, especially since he can’t play against Spurs while on loan; and finally, Reguilon doing well at United makes it more likely that he resurrects his market and thus makes him easier to sell for a decent price down the road. And if he does poorly? Well, then United get stung and we’re no worse off than we were before.

Also, I kinda feel like clubs (and fanbases) just need to start getting over the idea that one should never deal with league rivals in the transfer market, unless it’s taking advantage of a team further down the table. We get him off our books and United get a warm body that can hopefully help them while they deal with an injury crisis. Everybody wins!

We wait for the official announcement.

Update: David Ornstein has some additional details about the loan. As previously reported — full year with a break clause/escape hatch if needed. No loan fee or purchase option but United will cover his £50k/wk wages for the duration of the loan. A fairly decent down-the-road can kicking, all things considered.