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Telegraph: Bayern offer €120m for Harry Kane, issue decision deadline of TODAY

It’s gonna get a mite spicy in here.

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Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United - Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images

Buckle up. There’s a new article in today’s Daily Telegraph from Jason Burt that suggests that Bayern Munich have issued Tottenham Hotspur a deadline of TODAY (Friday) to accept or decline their previous transfer offer for Harry Kane. The article claims if Spurs reject or do not answer Bayern’s previous bid, said to be an inclusive fee of around €90m (£77.5m) including add-ons, that Kane will then play out the rest of his contract and leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.

So yeah, if this is true this is going to certainly provoke some strong fan reactions ranging from “We should take it” to “Screw Bayern let’s ride” and honestly I’m not going to sit here and say that either one is more valid than the other. I certainly have my opinion on the matter, and that’s one that probably isn’t shared by a plurality of Spurs fans and leaves open for a whole host of more nuanced positions.

The previous murmurs were that it was KANE who had issued an ultimatum for a decision, and that decision was next weekend’s Premier League week 1 match at Brentford. This is different — it’s Bayern making the demand. Frankly if you’re of the opinion that this is pretty ballsy coming from one of the richest clubs in world football who have yet to make an offer anything close to Spurs’ asking price for Kane, then this report is going to make you pretty mad, and rightfully so.

Honestly I don’t know what will happen here. If this report is accurate, and we should hold on to the possibility that it is not, then the possibility also exists that Daniel Levy is going to tell Bayern to stick it. This has always more or less been the endgame for this particular transfer saga — Bayern are exercising whatever leverage they have from Kane wanting to go to Germany into a final gambit where they force Spurs to stick or twist.

I can’t really tell you which way Levy will go. Levy hates being taken advantage of, but also I’d also like to think he’s too smart of a businessman to risk guaranteed money on the table for a low-probability roll of the dice that Spurs will improve enough that Kane signs a new deal next season. Bayern, meanwhile, must know that the odds of Kane joining them on a Bosman next summer are low when he’ll have many, MANY more options available to him as a free agent.

At any rate, with a potential decision looming and a home friendly against Shakhtar this Sunday, today feels like it could be one of the most consequential days for Tottenham Hotspur in recent memory.

UPDATE: Florian Plettenberg (lol I know) just gave an update that Bayern have in fact submitted a new bid: €100m (£86m) all-inclusive including add-ons.

UPDATE 2 (10:40 am ET): According to James Olley, Bayern’s final offer is €120m, which includes add-ons. (Whoops, tweet deleted lmao this is all so stupid)