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DiMarzio: Spurs ready to make €24m offer for Porto striker Mehdi Taremi

Yo, I have no idea.

FC Porto v Rayo Vallecano - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Diogo Cardoso/Getty Images

OK so I know there’s a lot going on right now and that everything’s sort of contingent on whatever the heck Harry Kane does over the next few days, but the news just isn’t stopping and we’re getting some WILD rumors.

Take this one — Gianluca DiMarzio is reporting that Spurs are ready to make a €24m (£20.5m) offer for Porto’s Iranian striker Mehdi Taremi, though Porto is holding out for €30m (£26m).

Friends, I dunno about this one and it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Now look the stats make Taremi look pretty good. This past season he scored 22 goals and had 7 assists in 2600 minutes for Porto (0.91 npxG+xA/90), and did even better in the Champions League (5G, 2A, 1.14 xG+xA/90). Just for funsies I’m gonna post his FBref chart which is green all the way across the board. Pretty good.

The only problem? He’s 31. That’s older than Harry Kane. I do not get it.

Is this the Paratici scattergun coming back ( and who let him back in the building)? Is it agent talk? Complete hogwash? I’d like to believe one the latter two because I have a really hard time understanding why Spurs would go out of their way to bid on a veteran striker when the goal has clearly been to get younger and hungrier.

But this does appear to be a real report. Gift Orban I can understand. Alejo Veliz I understand. Heck, I even kind of understand Ivan Toney. But this? I’m perplexed and would very much like someone to make sense of this for me.