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Daniel Levy let the Bayern “deadline” for Harry Kane expire, then flew to Miami like a boss


Liverpool FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

So remember how Bayern Munich made a new offer for Harry Kane yesterday and then also told Daniel Levy that he had an ultimatum and had to give them a yes or no answer by midnight Friday or they’d consider pulling out of the deal? That was a fun day, right?

Guess what happened? According to multiple sources (but first broken in BILD), Levy ignored the deadline and flew to Miami, Florida for the weekend and to spend time on vacation with his family.

The implication at first was that Levy was going to spend the next two weeks in the Sunshine State on holiday with his family. Then it was amended to Levy flying out Miami to consult with club owner Joe Lewis and to get approval for the Kane sale. Then it turned out that Levy was just flying out to spend time with his family for the weekend but would be back early next week because the Premier League is starting soon.

But what is NOT in dispute is that Levy let the arbitrary deadline expire... and Bayern immediately walked back their grandiose threats, with our good buddy Florian Plettenberg denying that there was a deadline to begin with.

LOL.... lmao.

Now look, does this mean that the deal is off? I sincerely doubt it. In fact there’s more smoke than ever that this is something that’s going to happen — we’re reaching the point where the money is almost too good NOT to sell Kane, and it’s become incredibly clear that he wants to go. Spurs should let him.

But boy howdy, am I enjoying watching Bayern bang their heads against the brick wall that we all know as “Daniel Levy transfer negotiations.” Say what you want about Levy, he will 100% not let himself get rolled in any sale, much less for Tottenham’s home-grown talisman and best-ever player.

And the best part is: Bayern fans are only now starting to realize it. Delicious.