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BREAKING: Tottenham and Forest agree deal “in principle” for Brennan Johnson

...Good news?

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Will Palmer/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

We have our first report of a transfer breakthrough involving Tottenham Hotspur and Brennan Johnson. The Mail’s Sami Mokbar is reporting that the clubs have reached a “deal in principle” for the transfer of the speedy English winger of around £45m, with additional negotiations to come in the form of bonuses and options.

Good news? I guess? Depends, I suppose, on your point of view on Tottenham’s recruitment and team construction. It sure is a lot of money for a young kid who didn’t look especially great last season on a team that nearly got relegated, but I’m just a blogger so what do I know.

It does sound as though when all is said and done the final cost of the deal, including bonuses and options, could be around Forest’s asking price of £50m. Which is SO much money. Just scads and scads of money. For Brennan Johnson!

OK, enough of that. This looks like it’s very close to actually happening and if it does, it could topple some significant dominoes across the Premier League and continental European football. So that’ll be interesting to watch.