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Whew! Cuti Romero trained with Argentina today ahead of Bolivia match

Doesn’t seem THAT bad.

Argentina v Ecuador - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier Photo by Daniel Jayo/Getty Images

Yesterday most of Tottenham Hotspur fandom was in full freakout mode after reports emerged that Cuti Romero picked up what appeared to be a muscle injury in his calf while playing for Argentina against Ecuador.

Well, it looks like we can breathe now. The official Twitter account of the Albiceleste posted new training photos, and one of them included Cuti, suggesting he was training with his Argentina teammates as per usual and that whatever knock he picked up it’s apparently not that bad.

Now, this is inferring a lot of a photo that’s pretty much just Cuti hugging two of his buddies, but it’s a good sign. You’d think that if Cuti’s knock were a bad one that the Argentinian federation would’ve made a statement, and deliberately selecting a photo of Cuti is a choice. Those photos are not chosen in a vacuum, we were meant to notice them and it’s clearly meant to infer that he’s actually ok.

That’s good, because Tottenham Hotspur are paper thin in defense now that Davinson Sanchez has been sold to Galatasaray, and there are no prospects for reinforcement until the January transfer window opens. Basically, we need Cuti to stay healthy (and not suspended) for as long as possible if Spurs are going to maximize their defensive efficacy. Pulling up injured during a stupid international break would suck.

That said, I’d like him to sit for Tuesday’s CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier against Bolivia and come home healthy. Fat chance the AFA will listen to me, though.