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No, Son Heung-Min isn’t injured on Korea duty, thankfully.

Another bullet dodged.

Korea Republic v Saudi Arabia - International Friendly Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

We started today worried that Son Heung-Min might be injured. We end the day furious that he didn’t get an obvious penalty in South Korea’s victory over Saudi Arabia today in Newcastle.

The “footballer gets injured on international duty” rumor mill grinds fine, and to completely and purposefully butcher a metaphor, it also grinds stupidly. (Can you have stupid grinders? Probably, I’ve owned some really dumb pepper mills in my life. But that’s beside the point, just go with me here, it’s late.) Photos emerged early this morning of Sonny with a large ice pack around his knee after South Korea’s scoreless draw against Wales last week, and naturally Tottenham Twitter freaked the hell out to the point where a South Korean football journalist got involved.

Obviously, an injury to Sonny would be bad. Like, really bad. And after the near-miss on Cuti Romero you can forgive Spurs fans for being a little jumpy. And Sungmo Lee’s description of the incident, as relayed to him, did sound a little scary!

However, there’s good news — Sonny’s fine. It turns out, according to several people in the Carty Free chat and also a physiotherapist I know in real life that I informally chatted with today, icing a knee is just a thing that professional athletes do, especially as they’re getting older. Sonny did take a knock in training, but it’s not at all unusual to strap some ice to your joints after an intensive workout.

It’s fine. It’s all fine. In fact, Sonny even started today’s 1-0 friendly win against Saudi Arabia and was denied the most obvious penalty shout you’ll ever see. This actually makes sense since the match was played in Newcastle which is basically a home venue for Saudi Arabia now.

I mean seriously, look at this shit. Lol...lmao.

All that’s to say — Sonny’s fine. Sonny’s knee is probably fine, if a little sore maybe. Korea is likely fine because they won today even though it was a meaningless match. I’m not saying anything disparaging about the ref that let that penalty go, but that call was absolutely not fine. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s continued sportswashing efforts via Newcastle United are emphatically not fine and will never be so.

Finally, don’t blindly believe Twitter aggregator news. Log off.

How many more days until the Sheffield United match? I hope I can make it until then.