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REPORTS: Dragusin has chosen Tottenham!

Just when I thought we were out, they Dragusin

Romania V Switzerland - UEFA EURO 2024 European Qualifiers Photo by Alex Nicodim/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Oh boy. What a saga.

And though it’s not yet officially over, there’s some great news coming from reliable sources this morning:

Couple of tidbits in there: firstly, it looks like we submitted an improved bid. Not sure why, when it seemed like from the reports coming out things were already agreed with Genoa and it was up to Dragusin to decide between Spurs and Bayern. Secondly, it looks like Djed Spence is indeed getting himself an Italian vacation.

The fact that Dragusin has appeared to have chosen Tottenham Hotspur after all this drama and Bayern’s late interest is great news for Spurs. Not only will we have secured one of Ange’s top targets, we’ll have also reinforced our backline early in the window, and with a player who surely will be committed to the cause.

With the “Here we go” now given, it’s time for the medical and for all of us crazy online fans to jump on plane trackers because what else do you do until the club makes things official?

Now we wait - NOBODY MOVE - and hopefully the cherry on top will be an announcement in the coming days from FC Bayern’s Twitter for the signing of Eric Dier.

EDIT: LOL, called it: