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According to his agent, Dragusin turned down double the money at Bayern to join Spurs

Bayern swooped in at the last minute with a big money offer, but Dragusin said a move to London was better for his career.

Bologna FC v Genoa CFC - Serie A TIM Photo by Timothy Rogers/Getty Images

More info is starting to dribble out in the wake of Radu Dragusin’s decision to turn down an approach from Bayern Munich to sign with Tottenham Hotspur. If we’re honest, this is a surprising move — Bayern is one of the biggest clubs in world football, and according to Dragusin’s agent, the player turned down twice as much money in weekly wages from Bayern because Dragusin thought the move to Spurs was a better one for his career.

Florin Manea, Dragusin’s agent, gave substantial quotes to Romanian news outlet GSP, helpfully translated by Sport Witness. Throughout this saga, Manea has gotten a bit of a reputation for running his mouth in order to get his client the best possible deal (which is what agents are supposed to do) and Manea was again pretty forthright in his comments to the Romanian media about Dragusin’s decision process.

“We stopped dead. We were on our way to the airport. I said we have to think carefully and evaluate. Bayern are one of the biggest clubs. I can’t believe I turned Bayern down! But that’s the decision. I took it with Radu and his family. I informed Bayern that this was the decision, that they came in at the last minute and that it was difficult to change our decision.

“Maybe in the future we will get there. We are a little overwhelmed. To turn down Bayern… But it was ultimately what Radu and his family wanted. He is happy. We’re going to Tottenham!”

Notably, Manea made it clear that the decision to turn down Bayern for life in North London was Radu’s, and that he didn’t make it for the money but because he thought it was the right one to make for his career. He even made a somewhat staggering admission that Bayern offered twice as much money in weekly wages as Spurs.

“I made the decision in the morning. It’s hard to make such a choice. Bayern strongly wanted him, but the official offer came on the last night. There was more money from Bayern, but he said that this is the right step in his career. We stayed up all night to think. I did not sleep at all. We stayed to see what the advantages and disadvantages were.

“He didn’t choose the money. There was more at Bayern. He said this is the right step for his career. He chose his career before money, and that is commendable. I don’t know how many would have refused the offer he had from Bayern. There were many who didn’t think we were turning down Bayern. I said this is the right step.

“There was quite a difference. Almost half as much, if not more, but never mind the amounts. They were never a priority. We always choose the steps we think are right. I think he weighed that he always wanted to get to the Premier League.”

I said in an article yesterday that Dragusin’s choice was basically going to come down to whether he wanted to be part of a project and get a lot of football under his belt in the Premier League, or if he wanted to be part of the herd at one of the best clubs in the world. Dragusin made his choice. It wasn’t an easy one to make by the sound of it. It seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders, at any rate, and I hope he can have his faith in Ange Postecoglou and Tottenham’s project realized.