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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham News and Links for Tuesday, January 23

It’s Timo Time

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San Jose Sharks v Washington Capitals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

good morning!

Everyone here in Carty Freeville got their first look of Timo Werner in a Spurs uniform, but did you know that there’s another Timo around? And that he is everything Timo Werne wishes he could be and more (except for a trophy but let’s not talk about that please)?

I’m talking about Timo Meier, formerly of the San Jose Sharks!

The Swiss hockey player was one of my favourites on the Sharks team that never won the Stanlery Cup in its many years of wasting the sport’s top talent.

He scores more than 150 goals for the greatest hockey team in California, and was such a joy to watch.

Here’s one example of Timo Time!!!:

And here’s a highlight from when he scored his FIFTH GOAL IN ONE GAME against the LA Kings.

Yeah, this was a historic goal, ya better watch it:

And, because three is my favourite number, here is a third highlight from Meier’s career with the San Jose Sharks:

It’s a shame he didn’t score the one time I got to see the Sharks play live (against the Caps on Super Bowl Sunday last year).

But the Sharks got rid of him. They had no choice. They’ve been one of the worst teams in the NHL the last coupe of seasons. Whatevs. He’s with the NJ Devils now.

And I’m happy that Timo Werner is with Spurs. But he’ll never own Timo Time.

Timo Time will always belong to Timo Meier.

Fitzie’s track of the day: The Prophets Song, by Queen

And now for your links:

Catch up on how Timo Meier will help the NJ Devils

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