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BREAKING: Nusa to Brentford deal collapsing


KAA Gent v Club Brugge - Belgian Croky Cup Photo by Tomas Sisk / Photo News via Getty Images

Well, up until a little while ago it sure looked like Antonio Nusa was destined to play London football... just in Brentford, not Tottenham. But maybe not? David Ornstein, who first broke the Nusa to Brentford story a couple of days ago, is now writing in The Athletic that there has been a “backwards step” in negotiations between Brentford and Club Brugge for Nusa’s transfer.

The “Ornacle” is now expressing doubt that the transfer will take place at all, which opens up the possibilities that either another club could make a play for him in what’s left of the transfer window, or he might not move at all until the summer.

Are Tottenham so back? It’s unclear. The murmurs coming from Spurs’ camp were that things never really progressed all that far in the Nusa negotiations, with suggestions that Spurs might have backed away from the deal for whatever reason. Maybe Brentford slipping like Steven Gerrard vs. Demba Ba means Tottenham will renew their interest in Nusa this window, or maybe they’ve already decided that whatever reasons caused them to back away are still present and they’ll be looking at other options.

I dunno! But this certainly is fun. The transfer window!

EDIT: Apparently Nusa failed his medical. Now we HAVE to sign him — he’s our new Cartilage Free Captain!!