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REPORT: Eric Dier has “agreement in principle” to join Bayern Munich in January

But it won’t happen until Spurs secure a replacement.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Neal Simpson/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

We all know that Eric Dier’s long Tottenham Hotspur career is coming to a close soon, one way or another. He’s not in Ange Postecoglou’s plans, he’s not playing much football, and his Spurs contract expires in June. So either he leaves the club now, or he leaves the club this summer. Either way, he’s gone.

There were murmurs this past summer that German giants Bayern Munich had an interest in signing Dier, but with the whole Harry Kane thing those rumors never really took off. Now they’re back. A report in Football Insider states that Dier has gone as far as to reach full agreement on personal terms with Bayern with an eye to moving this month as soon as Spurs secure a defensive replacement.

But Dustin, you say, Football Insider is a terrible source. Yes, that’s correct, they are frequently wrong. But not always! And if you don’t believe them, how about our good friend Florian Plettenberg?

I know we’re all still annoyed at ol’ Plettigoal after the whole Harry Kane reporting fiasco (never mind that he was ultimately proven mostly correct in hindsight), but the guy is super plugged in to Bayern sources so I have no problem believing that this is accurate. It’s a weird development for sure, but Bayern’s looking for a cheap defensive reserve, doesn’t utilize any weird Ange-ish tactics, and Dier would be a nice security blanket for Kane. For Spurs, Dier’s departure frees up a bunch of wages and gets a guy who doesn’t play out of the club to make room for someone who will.

Spurs still have to get Dragusin (or whoever) across the line in January, but I can see how a move to one of the best teams in world football might appeal to Eric at this stage in his career. Seems like a plausible rumor, at any rate. Might be a bit before we see it come to a resolution, though.