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A Football Manager Story

A Football Manager Story: The late-season swoon

The pressure of being at the top was difficult to deal with, but Tottenham Hotspur held their own.

A Football Manager Story: The death of a dream

A month where an unbeaten season became impossible, but a league championship stayed within reach thanks to some excellent transfers.

A Football Manager Story: Where are the goals?

In the fourth part of our Football Manager 13 adventure with Tottenham Hotspur we look at the months of October and November and we finally start to get an inkling of how the league will shake out.

A Football Manager Story: Remember this thing?

Back in December I started a Football Manager save with Tottenham Hotspur. Somewhere along the way I forgot about it, but I've picked it back up and now here it is.

A Football Manager Story: Transfers and Preseason

In which I try to remake Tottenham Hotspur in my own image.

A Football Manager Story: Introduction

The football management simulation game Football Manager 2013 allows you to take the reigns of your favorite football club, so let's see how this blogger does with Spurs.