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Come On You Sharps

Come On You Sharps Week 8: Don’t Bet on the Bluebirds

Spurs get a weak Cardiff this week, hoping to bounce back from the midweek

Come On You Sharps Week 7: Can Spurs Get to 3 in a Row?

Spurs Go to Uddersfield Cow.

Come on You Sharps Week 6: It Gets Better Right?

Spurs have lost three in a row and winning would be fun this weekend

Come On You Sharps, Week 5: The Reds Are Coming

Liverpool seem scary good, do we bet on Spurs to win?

Come On You Sharps week 4: how to not bet on Watford

Can Joel and Bryan Keep the Good Times Rolling?

Come On You Sharps: Spurs, West Ham are attractive bets in week 3

Previewing the Premier League Gambling Style

Come On You Sharps: Premier League week 2 gambling preview

Gambling is legal now in America! Let’s celebrate!