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Recurrently Generated Football League

Get your Recurrently Generated Football League merch here!

Own your own computer-generated fictional English football club t-shirt today!

Recurrently Generated Football League: midseason update

Time to see how Fackenham, Clood, Loonsmead, and Wodgy Villa are doing.

NLD: Spurs player ratings to the theme of rejected Recurrently Generated Football club names

Not all of them were winners. And neither were Spurs.

Recurrently Generated Football League: watch the video!

We generated fictional English football clubs with a computer. For science.

Loonsmead: the clairvoyantly-generated football club

Come hear the legend of Lucia, and how she dreamed up a football club.

Take the Real Club vs. RNN Club quiz!

Let’s see how good you are at identifying real English teams from recurrently generated ones.

Dorlington Town: A club so nice, it was generated by a computer twice

A club so nice it was generated by a computer twice!

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RGFL: St. Dertford

They found God in a Wiltshire field.

One would think that Death Migers Town wouldn’t be so... friendly.

It’s the happiest place in England!

Cheap tickets, all-out attacking: Old Lovers are the people’s AI-generated football club.

With cheap tickets, a transfer-free transfer policy, and attacking football, who doesn’t love the Old Lovers?

Fackenham FC: #AgainstModernFootball

"Emere Dirtbag Juice."

Wodgy Villa: an AI-generated team that’s like your favorite club, but wodgier.

Basically, it’s Frankestein’s Club.

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RGFL: Cheston & Sports

It's, like, a really nice football club, eh?

Abbey & Telper Amlesonians: round balls, blue blood

Football is for the little people. And these guys.

Meet Lefpent Nomads: a fake German team playing in a fake English league.

A German team in an English league.

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Recurrently Generated Football League: Belton Rail

All aboard the love train, CHOO CHOO

Clood will be your new favorite AI-generated football club. Or you will be devoured.

We hunger for the day of parting. One day we shall hunger no more. We are Clood.

It’s built into a quarry, and the manager lives in a motorhome. No, seriously.

The Ballad of Pat Wendy

Recurrently Generated Football League: Kickstonians

From an aristocratic past to a private equity future, Kickstonians trace the march of progress that defines English football

The fictional Fab Town football club may be made by a computer, but it’s stolen your heart.

Now a Bod, Always a Bod.

We created a league of computer-generated English football club names. And it’s hilarious.

What would happen if we asked a computer to generate English club names? We decided to find out.