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News of the Alderweireld

Featured Fanshot

Video: Best Spurs headed goals

Did they miss anyone? Who would you add?

Lo Celso, Romero investigated by Brazilian authorities for COVID violations

Tanganga out minimum two months with ankle injury

Just when he was getting going...

Another open letter to Jose Mourinho

And I’ll never talk about this again.

No, Tottenham Hotspur can’t be reinstated to Europa if Slavia Prague is disqualified

Filed under "duh"

Marine AFC Podcast: A chat about the sponsorship

You get to see me on camera, even!

Premier League expecting to have 10,000 fans in stands by season’s end

UK vaccinations are going well!

Aurier gives his perspective on playing at Tottenham

The Ivorian gave an interview that covered a few topics.

American EPL viewers can expect NBCSN to shut down by end of year

This doesn’t guarantee a full move to Peacock, though.

Former Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino confirmed to have COVID-19

Get well soon, Poch!

Marine FC formally announces sponsorship by Cartilage Free Captain for Sunday’s match

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: The shorts!

Cartilage Free Captain’s sponsorship of Marine AFC is officially a go

And it’s time to show our work.

Gareth Bale among group of footballers questioning the use of their likenesses in games

If this sounds similar to the Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA/EA lawsuit, that’s because it is.

Jamón You Spurs: Jose Mourinho buys Sergio Reguilon a celebratory ham

Top of the league and we’re having a ham.

Dele is winning at cricket, social media

He may not be playing football, but he’s the best.

The first Tottenham kit leak for next season is here, and it looks good

It’s not quite spurple, but it definitely doesn’t suck!

US TV Schedule for EPL matches in September released

How to watch Spurs for the first month of the season!

Harry Kane watching golf in his underwear is the post-NLD content we needed


Campos MIA from Lille as rumors swirl about potential deal with other clubs

We’re pumping the brakes on this a bit because there’s a lot to unwrap.

UK Government approves closed door restart of EPL after June 1

There’s still a lot that needs to happen.

Carty Free LIVE! Come watch the Spurs cast-offs enter European play

There’s no way we can do well in UCL, right?

Carty Free LIVE!: Streaming Tottenham’s cast-off team in FIFA 20

Maybe you guys can help pick the squad each match...

SBN Kit Week: Best and Worst Tottenhan Hotspur home kits

Make your selection!

Eredivisie ends their season; Has precedent been set for other leagues?

This could be the start of a lot of dominoes falling.

Introducing the Tottenham Hotspur cast-off squad for FIFA streaming

This is how bored I am. Let’s get weird.

Replacing Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min will be much easier said than done

It turns out losing two strikers isn’t good.

Tottenham’s 2020-21 home kit has leaked and it’s....something.

Not great, Bob!

Kazaiah Sterling returns from Doncaster loan temporarily after injury

Kaz got a dead leg while on duty while on duty in League One and has come home to be treated.

Spurs re-finance £400m of stadium debt to stabilize budget

No surprise. This was always the plan.

Tottenham Hotspur’s third kit has leaked with a touch of retro flair

That looks like a good kit!

Jack Roles Slack LOLs

This is Jack. He has roles. These are some of them from the Carty Free Slack room.

Tottenham Hotspur portraits, as drawn by a computer AI

What happens if you ask a computer to draw portraits of your favorite soccer players?