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Pochettino's reaction to United's Harry Kane interest is about what you'd expect

This is just about perfect.

Sooooooo, Mauricio Pochettino was asked in a recent press conference about the latest rumors circulating around Harry Kane. You know the ones, you've seen them: Manchester United is considering putting in a big bid, some say around £50m, to try and tempt Kane to Old Trafford this January.

Well, Poche's not dealing with that crap. Here's the clip from the press conference. The reporter starts asking about United's interest in Kane at about 1:40".

(h/t 101GreatGoals)

Did you catch that reaction? DID YOU? It happened pretty fast, so let's break it down. Here's the part where the reporter starts asking the question. Poche is listening intently.


Now at this point, the words "Manchester United" are uttered.

Now, finally, the coup de grâce: Poche knows what this question is about, AND HE'S HAVING NONE OF IT. Watch his reaction:


AMAZING. Look at that eye roll! It's the perfect response to the entire story, summed up in one screencap.

So here's what Poche actually SAID in response:

"Nah, I only smile because you know there are always rumors. Even now, it's early to start to speak about rumor. But you know, in football this is normal."

Good response, Mauricio, but you don't have us fooled. Isn't it great having a manger who doesn't put up with this kind of bull***t?