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Watch Kyle Walker scare the crap out of his teammates in Tottenham's Halloween video

It's becoming a Halloween tradition!

A few of years ago, Spurs TV released a video where Kyle Walker, ever the prankster, put on a scary mask and jumped out from behind a curtain to scare the ever-loving bejeezus out of his teammates. (He also nearly got his head ripped off by Sandro as a consequence.) Well, it's been a couple of years, and Kyle's back in the 2.0 edition of Walker's Windups: the Halloween Special.

There's been quite a bit of squad turnover since 2013, so it's a prime time to do this prank again. This time it's not Kyle who's doing the scaring, but Dan, one of the Spurs' media staff, while Kyle watches on closed-circuit TV. This is probably wise, as he's our first-choice right back and Spurs wouldn't want him to get injured when his teammates kick his ass.

Best reactions: Ryan Mason, Son Heung-Min, Harry Kane. Mason looks genuinely terrified, Kane betrays a wonderfully high-pitched shriek, and Son ends his segment probably wondering what the hell he got himself into coming to this crazy land of ridiculous Englishmen who scare people for no reason.

Best non-reactions: Mousa Dembele, Jan Vertonghen. Cool as cucumbers. Just look at Mousa: no movement whatsoever. It's a total "LOL whatever" reaction. Jan blinks a few times but is also stoic. Kyle said it best after the Mousa prank: "He's Belgian." Maybe so, but I think someone tipped them off.

Check out Tottenham's YouTube channel for more great videos.