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Victor Wanyama has Tanzanian street named after him

BRB, buying a house on Wanyama St.

Victor Wanyama is quite easily the biggest and best football star in Kenya, and his fame no doubt spreads out to encompass most of the region. In fact, I’d warrant that there probably isn’t a better footballer in all of east Africa, a region that isn’t especially known for producing exceptional footballing talent.

So is it any wonder that Tanzania, which borders Kenya to the south, wants to celebrate Big Vic’s accomplishments? Here’s a post from Victor’s Instagram feed that features him — on his birthday, no less — surrounded by fans and well-wishers, walking along the newly renamed Victor Wanyama Street in Ubungo, a district just outside of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and one of the largest cities in east Africa.

And a very bad Google Translation of his comment:

Thank you for the Mayor and all the Ubungo Municipal residents for welcoming me and giving my name a NHC local road name. I promise to come back with thanks for the hospitality and the hospitals you have given me. Thank you Tanzania.

Harry Kane may be the best striker in the Premier League for the second consecutive year and the acknowledged savior of English football, but does he have a street named after him? I don’t think so. Come back when there’s a Harry Kane Lane, big guy.