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Caption This: Harry Kane and the England squad train with Royal Marines

When Harry and Dele went into the woods...

England manager Gareth Southgate takes training a bit more seriously than we thought. Southgate surprised his national team, which included Tottenham Hotspur players Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier, Kyle Walker, and Dele Alli, by ambushing them and forcing them to train with the Royal Marines for two days in the wilderness as part of a team building exercise. (Eric Dier missed all the fun as he doesn’t join the team until later this week.)

Southgate gathered his players and support staff in one of the national football centre’s dressing rooms, where a member of the Royal Marines informed them that they would immediately relocate to Devon for the next 48 hours.

Upon arrival at the training centre, which is located between Exeter and Exmouth, the group immediately changed into their ‘rig’ – or, for the uninitiated, military training uniforms.

The following days would see them experience an array of activities that Royal Marines recruits undertake, including a night camping on Woodbury Common.

Those photos of national team players “roughing it” in the English countryside are great, but my favorite by far is this one below, which shows several players receiving instructions from a Royal Marine instructor while dressed in full combat fatigues.

That’s a great caption by Herr Wallabout, and we thought we’d add a few and open it up to you for additional great Cartilage Free Captain #content. So let’s caption that photo! Here are a few to get you started.

  • “Absolutely buzzing to go and get three points against ISIL this weekend!”
  • “Gaffer, are you SURE these are the right kits?”
  • “Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred scalps. And I want my scalps!”
  • “So you’re saying this’ll help me improve my shooting?”
  • “I see you skulkin’ back there tryin’ ta hide, Private Trippier! Now drop and give me 50!”
  • "That's why, centuries ago, the Royal Navy gave out limes just like these to sailors.. Tom you just ate it whole why did you do that?"
  • SOLDIER: And when Papa Bear found the little girl sleeping in his bed, he reared up and raised his claws just like this...
    KANE: I love being in army.
  • “Gaffer, don’t you think you’re taking the rivalry with France just a bit too far?”
  • “One does not simply WALK into Scotland!”
  • “When you said I’d get to lead the line for England, this wasn’t what I had in mind.”