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Watch: Erik Lamela has a history of unbelievable rabona goals

He's done it before!

That is a teenage Erik Lamela scoring a rabona for the River Plate youth team. So when he pulled off his amazing 20-yard rabona today, he wasn't exactly new to the experience. He's kind of a rabona expert or the rabona god, your choice.

Which rabona was better? Let's consider:

- His first rabona is coming at full speed on the run
- His second rabona is from 20 yards
- His first rabona was useful to fool the goalkeeper
- His second rabona is full of so much arrogance because he didn't have to do it and did it anyway
- His first rabona is as a teenager
- His second rabona is in front of tens of thousands of fans and many more watching on TV

The verdict: They are both stupid good and I'm not going to choose which one is better because I love them both too much and want to hug them for eternity.