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Spurs captain readies team for looming Manchester City clash

Paul Gilham

To say that Manchester City beat the ever loving snot out of Tottenham Hotspur last season would be an understatement. They beat Andre Villas-Boas' Spurs 6-0 at the Etihad, then Tim Sherwood's version 5-1 at White Hart Lane.

Now Mauricio Pochettino is in charge. Things are supposed to be different, and Spurs have a different captain too.

Younes Kaboul has been very vocal since being handed the armband and, while there is an international break before Spurs take on City, he is ready for the Citizens. He expects his team to be ready, too, even after City beat them down en route to the title.

"What happened last season was last season," Kaboul said to the Standard. "In football the most important thing is the present and we look at the future. We look forward to this game.

"Football is football, you never know what can happen, but mentally and physically we have to be ready for this game."

They're just words so there's only so much we can put into this, but Kaboul has the media speak down pat again. He is saying all the right things, has been in lockstep with his manager and, if his words carry over, Tottenham will have the right attitude.

This doesn't make Kaboul a good captain. We have no way of knowing that, not being at training and in the dressing room every day, but he sure sounds the part. He is equal parts optimistic, respectful of opponents and demanding of his team. That is the right way to go about it. Now let's cross our fingers that what he says resonates with the team.